Unfiled Back Tax Returns

Tax Help Advisors, LLC can help you file your back tax returns

The first step is obtaining all the information the IRS has in your file.

Based on the information you provide as well as the information we obtain from the IRS and other sources, we can prepare your unfiled tax returns. Also, it is much better to file back tax returns before the IRS contacts you about your delinquent returns. It is important to realize that most IRS tax resolution options require that you be current on all tax filings and payroll deposits.

If you are not current on your tax filings, the IRS will not work with you toward a solution for any tax problems.

By filing all prior years returns, you are demonstrating to the IRS that you are serious about resolving your tax problems.
Bringing your past due tax returns up-to-date allows Tax Help Advisors, LLC to work with the IRS or your state towards a resolution.

If you are behind on filing tax returns, you need a highly competent and experienced licensed Certified Public Accountant or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist to get you up to date.

Don’t let your unfiled tax returns jeopardize your financial future.

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