Results Show Major Progress in Fight Against Tax-Related Identify Theft It seems we are always issuing warnings about tax-related identity theft. It is good, for a change, to report on the progress made in locking down fraudulent tax returns and refunds as a result of identity theft. Today, the Internal Revenue Service and the Security… Read More

Taxpayers Interacting With The IRS Should Know Their Rights This is Part 2 in the two-part summary of the rights granted to all taxpayers. Last week, we discussed that all taxpayers have basic fundamental rights as outlined by the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The IRS groups these rights into 10 categories. The first five rights… Read More

The IRS has mastered the art of making you miserable. They want you to feel overwhelmed, anxious, embarrassed, and alone. Their fear tactics keep you awake at night. You don’t know where to turn. The first step in keeping your fears and worries at bay is to know your fundamental rights under the law. This… Read More

The Dirty Dozen Taxpayers have been warned over and over about using frivolous tax arguments to avoid paying taxes. This scheme involving outlandish legal claims is on the IRS’ top 12 list of tax scams. Promoters of frivolous schemes encourage taxpayers to make unreasonable and outlandish legal claims to avoid paying their taxes. The IRS… Read More

For individuals who have not filed federal income tax returns for 2015, the window of opportunity is closing soon. Unclaimed income tax refunds totaling almost $1.4 billion may be waiting for an estimated 1.2 million taxpayers who did not file a 2015 Form 1040 federal income tax return, according to the Internal Revenue Service. To… Read More

Owing Back Taxes Could Create An Issue The Internal Revenue Service has reiterated its warning that taxpayers may not be able to renew a current passport or obtain a new passport if they owe federal taxes. To avoid delays in travel plans, taxpayers need to take prompt action to resolve their tax issues. What Does… Read More

If You Are A Low To Moderate Income Taxpayer, You Could Benefit From The Earned Income Tax Credit. The credit could lower the tax you owe or perhaps mean a refund for you. Here are three things you can do to determine if you qualify for the EITC and make claiming it easier: Review your… Read More

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